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Country: Turkey.png Turkey
Status: Active
Team: MysteryBanner.png Eat What You Kill
Class: Cavalry.png Cavalry
Played since: 2009
2011 – Present: Wicked Tavern Fanatics
2010 – 2011: 3OK Akıncıları
2011 – 2012: Court of Reveran
2014 – 2015: Castellans
2014 – 2015: Nords
2015 – 2015: Sons of the Emperor
2013 – 2014: Warriors of Quiperland
2015 – 2015: Rising Rivals
2015 – 2015: Ferocious Trident Wielders
2014 – 2014: Awakened Apotheoses
2016 – 2017: Geese Pack
Aug 2017 – Present: Eat What You Kill

Belendor is a Turkish cavalry player playing for Eat What You Kill. He is well known for his works as graphics artist, also hosted various minor tournaments such as Sword & Sand and Scramble League.


Early Days[edit]

Belendor started out playing Warband thanks to a free demo he got from a local gaming magazine called LEVEL in 2010. He didn't waste a second buying the game. His first clan was 3OK Akıncıları where he was part of very briefly due to internal issues. Having never played an official match with them and not very fond of his own countrymen, he decided to join Court of Reveran in 2011 and also joined Wicked Tavern Fanatics in same time range. One being his foreigner clan and other being turkish clan.

Since his real passion for the game was modding at the time; he quit playing in multiplayer servers competitively and focused on creating mods with these clans as some of the players were veteran modders too. Having done modding work with people such as MaHuD, Arch3r, nemeruis and Artizan granted him a whole new perspective for his real-life carreer plans. Later on, Belendor decided to get back on multiplayer since both of these clans were becoming kinda passive and he was satisfied with modding this game, he still wanted to be a part of this game though.

In mid 2012, Wicked Tavern Fanatics created their sub-clan Sober Tavern Fanatics which was led by LordMarcel, Dest and Belendor. Some quality turkish players came out from the trainings and atmosphere of this clan, people like Gareh. After a while, both turkish clans were basicly dead already. People either lost interest playing the game or jumped to other games. It was more than a warband clan now, so Belendor decided to let them rest in peace and quit playing competitively for 2 years.


During the time, Belendor was known more for his pubplays in IG_Battlegrounds and random scrims now and then. He decided to get back to it again, so he got invited to join a few clans such as Warriors of Quiperlands or Nords where he played with them briefly.

But, his real competitive experience didn't start until The Castellans in 2014. For the first time, he was able to devote a lot of his time to playing the game in a competitive level. Despite the fact he ended up being benched most of the time, he learnt quite a lot from OurGloriousLeader, BlackTide, Ceasar and generally the rest of the team. After The Castellans being a runner-up in Warband Native League V and he was basically benched for most of it, he realized it was time to move on in 2015.

Meanwhile, Belendor formed a sub-clan for The Castellans called Kastellans and joined a minor tournament as their 2nd team, since there were lots of people who weren't able to play in The Castellans' official matches and constantly benched. He was also joining turkish tournaments with his own teams or by reforming Sober Tavern Fanatics. He won Warband Turkish League 2 with Guards of Vanaheimr with players such as Menethil, M, TirtiL, Gareh and xls, also took 3rd place as Sober Tavern Fanatics with a few original members and mercenaries such as Menethil, Goliath, TirtiL and LeRoux. And he also joined a few editions of Warband Weekend Cup as KEBAB with Menethil, imNotAlone, Wierdo and Tyhke and also with Tallie in a seperate team who had players such as Paulo and relaks. He got 2nd place as KEBAB in championship edition.

After The Castellans and these one-time tournaments teams, he played with Ferocious Trident Wielders and Sons of Emperor (Very briefly]]. He improved his teamplay skills even more during his time in these clans. He was later invited by Toi to play in Awakened Apotheoses. Having seen the veteran roster, he joined Awakened Apotheoses to play as cavalry alongside Shingen and other players such as Fietta andBauglir. However, he had to be passive in the middle of their first tournament and Awakened Apotheoses was already split by the time he returned.

After spending a few months with different clans such as Tranquility, Warriors of Quiperland which was stacked up by lots of veterans for Warband Weeked Cup, The Kingdom of Swadia where he played with his old friend Strelok, Guards of Istiniar and Pizzabrot which was led by Kragen for 5v5 tournament, he took a break from the game. It didn't take so long due to his friends at Forsaken Knights, since they decided to return to game and play for Rising Rivals, a new team by Tallie who recruited a bunch of russian veterans and imNotAlone already. He joined Rising Rivals as main cavalry player and played alongside with players such as Grifon, Max, Feanor and Korobas. After having won 2nd place in European Challenge Series he decided it was time to retire and play the game for just fun again. So, he applied for Defenders of Faith and played just in public.

An Unexpected Turn of Events[edit]

During his time wearing the DoF tag, he was noticed by Watly for his late performances and skills in public, he was invited to merc with an anonymous team with random players to play against Apis Europea. He performed well and after the match, he was invited to join Geese Pack which was led by Oliveran and Watly. He loved the players in the team and the atmosphere was amazing. The amount of skill team showed during the practice matches amazed Belendor and he was quickly captivated by the team and its players, so he tryharded the game for the first time and improved his skills with a bunch of rising stars such as Anchor, DarkLight, Pepper, Rainbow, Kiano, Subzer0 and Surkan, also the elder veterans such as CristoTheVicious, Oliveran and Watly. Geese Pack was the best team Belendor has ever been in and Belendor won 3rd place in the largest warband tournament; Warband Pro League 2 where he earned a bottle of energy drinks he never received!

After the tournament, Belendor remained and still played the game with GP friends. They even joined European 5-aside Cup but lost to Aequalitas due to Belendor and his bad internet. After a while, a new tournament emerged from nowhere and Geese Pack didn't seem like to join it even after a few merge attempts with other clans. Geese Pack was inactive. Meanwhile, Warband Fantasy League was held where Belendor played for Ebdanian Admiral first, then Sigi which they won the competition together as champions. Belendor's first achievement in North American scene.

After this turn of events, Belendor decided to ask Paulo to play for Unity in Warband Monthly League. Having liked Paulo a lot personally and Unity returning to the scene with some of the best players of the scene such as Peter, Thorr, Brian and rising stars such as Ciiges and Kane helped him choose the team he wanted to play. Belendor loved Unity and after winning the tournament, he was asked by Paulo to play in next tournament. However, due to personal vendettas with newest mercs to the team; he realized it was too much of a drama solve and decided to leave Unity sadly.

Not so long after that, he was invited by a few teams to play for Warband Summer Cup. One of them being Harman's team, he immediately decided his new team and joined Eat What You Kill. Belendor is still playing for them.


  • Belendor created the first Scramble League with Surkan, eventually gave inspiration to tournaments like the Warband Fantasy League and the European Fantasy League .
  • Designed over 200+ logos, banners, headers, artwork and so on for several TaleWorlds-related projects including total-conversion mods, competitive tournaments, social media and personal works. Learnt a lot.
  • Creator & Hoster of the only active Turkish tournament, "Warband Yaz Ligi".
  • Top 7th Impaler for WPL 2.
  • One of the first Merc players.
  • Made NC hype video "The Cavalry" for team Turkey in competition.